At the end of this course

It's really interesing course.During the class, i tried many different tools of programming and game design.For example, it's my first time to write Processing codes and i've learned a lot from it.

Everyday i make some projects, and sadly most of them are not very satisfying.Anyway, thanks for TAs...

Final Project:Game AI

Aritficial Intelligence is exhibited by machines and software.When it's used in the game, they become game AI.They replace the role of a human player to help us achieve certain goals.Some are designed to make us feel like hero, while others are made to defeat the player.

As beginners in this field,...

Thank you, Mr.Benjamin Prunty

Mr.Prunty is a music composer.And in my opinion, music is always an extremely important part of games and movies.Good background music can raise the work to a higher level.

Mr. Prunty shared his experience on music, about how to learn it and how to start doing sound effects.I think i will consider...

Thank you!Mr. Dave Mark

Mr. Dave is really very experienced in AI and he talked a lot about it.Now my opinion about AI has changed a little.

Game AI's propose is not just "beat the human player".It needs to make the player think they are important.So, the AI has the aim to help human player feel happy.

Life-Game in Processing

It's really my best work ever since.I feel really good when i saw it done.

In this program, a "live" cell will be created where the mouse stays.

When clicking, the program will start running.And you will see something amazing.

You can find it in the "connnections" part.

Thank you, Mr Noah

Mr.Noah talked a lot about the game industry, about the development of game industry, the current work of google......

It's very wonderful to listen to a very experienced game designer sharing his view.It's really inspiring.

My favourite 3 topics

1.Game AI:

It's really very challenging to think over how the computer can defeat human players!

Though I haven't thought of a very good solution.

2.Artificial Intelligence:

It's very edutional to discuss something about AI(About how it's gonna affect humans).

I think tis not only a science problem...

My "tic tac toe" in Processing

Tis my first work with an AI.Though it uses the "random()" function to figure out the answer, i still feel very proud of this.

It's a challenge for me to program it.I must say thank you to the teaching assistants.They are really helpful.

Thank you!Mr.Tronster Hartley

Mr.Tronster was really very friendly.He was willing to share his experience about what he did in the college and how he got this job.

He is a game programmer.He told us that tis very important to make our own games if we want to get into the game industry.

His advice is really very helpful.I will...

Perler Beads is really interesting!

I think this part is very relaxing.We spend time on things we want to create.

So, this is my work.------It's FLAME.And I think it's very cool.

My first Arduino lesson

For a very long time, i've been wanting to try it.And it does prove to be interesting.

We've tried many circuits today, and they are all inspiring.(Both in  programming and assembling.)

Thank you, Mr.Stone Librande

I think it's the most helpful speech i've ever heard in these days.Mr.Stone made me understand the job of game designer.The most important thing is communication!The game designer need to turn the imagination into reality, so it's his responsibility to judge whether the idea will work or not.

My first Processing Game:Gravity

I think it's my best work so far:D(Though it's only the fifth day.)

We made a bal which can bounce back  when hits the wall.

As for the Ludus part......We haven't finished it yet.

The url is in the "connections"

Thank you, Mr.Ernest Liu

Mr.Liu told us a lot about  being a designer.He introduced many details of his work to us.Now i know that it really takes a lot of time and money to make perfect animation.

Also, he showed us around the inside of the company.--The decoration is pretty cool!

Showing images in Processing

It's the picture i've chosen......There are no special meanings.Ilike it because i think it's COOL!

Sorting in Processing's a basic but a very important part of programming.

Now i've got to know many kinds of sorting and how to program them.

This picture, which is full of rectangles, is a kind of visual sorting......

And i know it doesn't look very nice.

Thank you!Mr.Carson Mcneil and Mr.Ryan Sit

They are different from Mr.Wess for they are Americans, but the same thing is they also work in Google.They shared their experiences and opinions on this company.(Why it is cool)

Also,thank them for getting me to know more about Google and how to get capable for this job.It's a wonderful experience...


It's a kind of programming language.It's the extension of JAVA.(But simplified in syntax.)

I've drawn a little matchstick man, which can change its colour.'s, my first work.

Game Review:You Have To Burn The Rope

At first, i thought it's a game which is......NORMAL.

Now i know i was totally wrong.This's a bit too simple.However, i like its details.

And also, i am still trying to kill the boss with weapon;D

Thank you to Wes Cheng

It's the first for me to meet a software engineer.(Sounds familiar...)

It's very convenient that we can communicate in Chinese.It makes things easier for me to understand.

Now I know that to be a software engineer, great amount of time must be taken.I always know it can't be easy...

Anyway, thank...

What is the narratology/ludology debate

For the narratology/ludology debate,here is somthing i found

The narratological view is that games should be understood as novel forms of narrative and can thus be studied using theories of narrative

. The ludological position is that games should be understood on their own terms. Ludologists have...

Game Review: Press Space to Win

-Ludus:Defeat the king

-Paida:Press Spacebar(= =)

-Narrative:Save the princess

I think it's still a game...Anyway, i don't like it.

It's too boring!!!!!!

My first twine game

It's a game called Witness.In this game, you will see what a small planet can become--one full of miracles(or destruction).It really takes me a lot of time to compose the plot.

As for the url......I will put it on later

Thank you! Mr. Russ Fan

It's my first time to see a GAME Designer(Of course it is!).Game designing is cool, and it's very important.Now i've got to know what being a game tester is like.It takes time and efforts to think of good suggestions, which are gonna be told to the developers.These guys help make a game better!

My first Twine story

You can find it in the "connections" part

Hearthstone:A game for you to "THINK"

I always like this kind of game which takes time to do some thinking.I like its idea, though Blizzard is not the first one to make this kind of game.

Short introduction on "base 10" and "base 2"

The base-2 system is a positional notation with a radix of 2. Because of its straightforward implementation in digital electronic circuitry using logic gates, the binary system is used internally by almost all modern computers and computer-based devices. Each digit is referred to as a bit.

The decimal...

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